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About PINK

PINK tells the story of a tormented artist named Pink who has just three days left under house arrest when his friend stashes a toddler’s backpack full of stolen drugs in his home.

It’s more than just a happy little jaunt through drug use, murder and mayhem, though - it’s about something we all can relate to: self-deception in relationships, and the self-honesty required to break free.

We’ve assembled a fantastic team to bring PINK to life, and a number of significant investors have come on board. While there are still a few shares available (for those interested in exploring the lucrative possibilities of film-investment), we wanted to create an opportunity for you, our friends and family, to get involved in bringing our first feature film the screen.

Please click the “contribute” button to (essentially) pre-buy your copy, click “learn more” to go to the PINK website, or click “contact us” to explore investment opportunities.


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